The development of our society happens fast. New opportunities and requirements, transport users buy transport in a more conscious and professional approach, and there is higher competition between providers of transport. Transporters that are going to succeed in the future have to adhere to the customers' demands and the competition on the market, with higher flexibility and efficiency of the transport equipment they are providing, and to have focus on customer care.

Truck Sales & Rental AS

delivers flexible rental products with predictable costs adapted for your transport business:

- Your profit from the first kilometer!

Truck Sales & Rental AS

is 100 % private owned and 100 % independent when it comes to our suppliers:

- You will not be recommended anything besides what you want yourself!

Truck Sales & Rental AS

will with new material induce downtime of a minimum, in addition to environmentally friendly and fuel efficient motors:

- You will benefit from the factories' constant development!

Truck Sales & Rental AS

will be attractive for the crowd of truck drivers with always new equipment, in a business where recruitment already is complex:

- You know the driver's value for the total result

Daily rental 0-30 days

Fixed price per day, based on how many days there are stated in the contract. Everything is inclusive in the rental price except fuel.

Monthly rental 1 – 12 months

Fixed price per month, based on how many months and kilometers there are stated in the contract.

Yearly rental 1 – 3 years

Fixed price per month, based on how many months and kilometers there are stated in the contract. At rental agreements of 36 months duration, the customer can, if desired, customize the specifications of the truck and the equipment.

Financial lease 4 – 6 years

With our expertise within transport equipment and economies of scale - where also our own profit basis comes through - we purchase transport equipment of an optimal. Sewn together with a leasing agreement, we provide the truck owner with a lower cost structure than what he is used to.

Bjørnar Zell
Marketing Director
OFFICE +47 32 20 86 10
MOBILE +47 91 58 59 48
Inger Hellum
Rental sales and Coordinator
OFFICE +47 32 20 86 10
MOBILE +47 90 66 74 76
Stig Holtan
Vehcle Managing Director
OFFICE +47 32 20 86 10
MOBILE +47 90 47 37 92
Morten Nyberg Hansen
Vehcle Operator
OFFICE +47 32 20 86 10
MOBILE +47 41 67 20 45

About us

Norwegian transporters, have in the recent years, been increasingly thinking new and different when it comes to the earlier times' approximated absolute ownership, of own transport equipment. A situation that has been present in other countries and continents for many years.

PLUSS Truck Sales & Rental AS was established, due to wishes from an expanding amount of contributors in the transport business, as a completely autonomous provider of renting solutions for transport equipment, in addition to independent counseling of transport solutions.

PLUSS Truck Sales & Rental AS is Norways biggest independent rental company. Your safety for not getting recomendations not in your best interest. Our customers are everything from small to the biggest transport companies in Norway, to public administered vehicles.

Used trucks

Pluss Truck Sales & Rental AS has it's origin and business foundation in renting out transport equipment. Vi earn money when our customers earn their money - both depending on equipment in good condition. New material, good maintenance procedures and to only use brand retailers is our "prescription!"

Our "by-product" is sales of transport equipment after ended rental agreement, where the different rental agreements make us capable of always providing excellent transport equipment from 6 to 36 months old. Exceptionally well preserved transport equipment that gives you the feeling of driving a new product.

We exclusively dispose transport equipment of well-known brands! We are acquainted with them and absolutely confident that you as a customer will do a secure and good investment - YOUR best assurance! We deliver in a condition that you as a buyer expect to receive your product in, groomed, so you can experience it as brand-new in the greatest extent possible!

We provide our customers of used trucks, guidance through the whole sale, with ourselves as independent advisors. Our solutions are based on our wide network of contacts and expertise, whether it concerns financing or something else. We can also trade.

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